So a belief in free expression

Fuck that shit.randomu_name 6 points submitted 9 days agoA culture is sustained by a certain level of cooperation and conformity from individuals, regardless of if every individual makes a massive contribution. I think cultural pride can be perfectly healthy if it pride in the values you help maintain within a culture. So a belief in free expression, democratic elections, rule of law, fairness, egalitarianism etc, they all matter in a culture and they maintained by individuals even if not every individual is Martin Luther King.

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cheap bikinis The American Decency Association (ADA) is a non profit organization associated with the Christian right based in Fremont, Michigan. Its principal cause is against pornography and “indecent” media. The ADA was founded in 1999 by former elementary school teacher, Bill Johnson, the first named state director of the American Family Association (AFA) from 1987 to 1999.[1] The organization was formerly known as the Michigan chapter of the AFA. cheap bikinis

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